The Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation implements its aid programs in order to address the human side of cancer care. It is critical that we restore the spontaneity and dignity of children while treating their cancer. The empowerment of children through providing tools for education and for play is an example of one of our programs.

While providing material aid and resources is an important objective, establishing partnerships for training and empowering local healthcare professionals is an essential part of the Foundation’s outreach. These partnerships are developed in reciprocity with healthcare workers and patients to ensure that the programs respect the culture of the people while addressing urgent areas of concern. A key aspect of these efforts is hands-on work within the local communities, performed in accordance with the Foundation’s central philosophy of intellectual philanthropy. The ultimate goal is to perpetuate a high quality and self-sustaining system of cancer care.

The initial efforts of the Eugène Gasana Foundation will center on projects to enhance medical education, provide important healthcare services, and empower cancer patients. By operating within this framework, the Foundation will improve both the quality of care and the long-term livelihood of the people. The projects are intended to effectively allocate resources to address multiple facets of cancer care at the same time, ensuring that the Foundation is able to help as many people as possible.