The Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation is sponsoring the construction of a private regional pediatric cancer center serving Africa. An innovatively designed and constructed 94-bed hospital will be built that embodies the African culture of the region, utilizes sustainable resources (solar power or a hybrid to reduce operating costs for electricity over time), and creates a soothing, open and restful environment for treatment to promote healing and recovery for the children and families. The ambience of the space will promote the dignity and elevate the spirit of the children and families who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The structure of the hospital, however, will be according to Western standards with privacy to preserve the integrity of the child and their parents. The pediatric cancer center will provide a hospital and lodging facility for outpatients who need to reside close to the hospital, as well as residential housing for physicians and nurses.

The Foundation will work closely and collaboratively with civic leaders, medical professionals, engineers, business professionals, and the community to develop a world-class health facility to increase access to quality and compassionate health care for children suffering from cancer while maintaining the respect and promoting the dignity of the patients and their families. The primary goals of this project are to provide the necessary resources for capacity building to address health disparities within the country. It is anticipated that the development of this private cancer center will serve the community in the following manner:

1. Creating a collegial forum for scientific exchange of medical knowledge and training between the medical professionals of the Foundation and healthcare professionals.

2. Providing Infrastructure and equipment to enhance the quality of healthcare provided for children with cancer.

3. Providing a potential source of employment and economic growth for the community.

The design and development phase of creating the hospital is currently underway.