The Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation has the following objectives.

1. To provide access to a comprehensive and sustainable supply of chemotherapeutic and supportive care medications critical to the delivery of curative therapy.
2. To support nutritional programs and empowerment initiatives to ensure the health and well-being of children undergoing cancer treatment.
3. To provide resources to advance infection control policies and procedures in compliance with international regulatory guidelines to minimize the risk of infection.
4. To provide infrastructure support for the development of state-of-the art medical facilities to enhance the diagnostic capability and the treatment of children with cancer.
5. To provide access to medical expertise for the training of medical professionals regarding the care of children with cancer and their treatment.
6. To increase the awareness of pediatric cancer in the global community.


The sole and fundamental purpose of the Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation is to help provide the opportunity for a cure for all children with cancer in developing nations. Through the leveraging of alliances with network partners and capacity building, it is believed that this goal will be accomplished.