This Foundation was created from the vision of Eugène Gasana Jr., whose life was touched by cancer. Out of this personal experience, he expressed a wish for children in Rwanda to have access to the same benefit of quality cancer care as he was given in the United States. The initial activities of the Foundation will be conducted in Rwanda and a sustainable model will be created that will later be recapitulated in other developing nations.

The focus of the Foundation is a global humanitarian initiative designed to provide or enhance the opportunity for a pediatric cancer cure for children in developing nations. Through access to essential medical expertise, medicines and supplies, resources and infrastructure support, the Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation will provide capacity building in partnership with pediatric cancer programs in the global healthcare community.


No child should be denied the opportunity for cure of their cancer if we have it within our capacity to cure their cancer simply by providing the resources and leveraging our collective voice.



International Children Cancer Research Center Cycling Event
Saturday Jan 20th at 2:30 PM
Flatiron Flywheel - 39 W 21st St


Join us on Saturday January 20th as a Rider or Sponsor a Rider. Create a Team or Contribute to a Team as we raise fund for the International Children Cancer Research Center, Ghana. All proceeds from the fundraising event will go to directly support the International Children Cancer Research Center

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Expansion to Ghana

The Foundation is sponsoring the construction of a private regional pediatric cancer center serving Africa. An innovatively designed 94-bed hospital will be built that embodies the African culture of the region, utilizes sustainable resources and creates a soothing, open and restful environment for treatment to promote healing and recovery for the children and families. Constructed in accordance with Western standards, the space will promote the dignity and elevate the spirits of the children and families who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Read more about the project...