The Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation was created from the vision of Eugène Gasana
Jr., whose life was impacted by cancer. Out of this personal experience, he
expressed a wish for children in Africa to have access to the same quality of cancer
care he received in the United States.

The focus of the Foundation is a global humanitarian initiative designed to provide
or enhance the opportunity for a pediatric cancer cure for children in developing
nations. Through access to essential medical expertise, medicines and supplies,
resources and infrastructure support, the Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation will
provide capacity building in partnership with pediatric cancer programs in the global
healthcare community.

The initial work of the Foundation founded by Dr. Tanya Trippett and the parents of
Eugène Gasana Jr. to address this unmet need was conducted in Rwanda. Now
we have broadened the scope with an outreach to Ghana where the Foundation will
create a sustainable International Children's Cancer Research Centre that will later
be recapitulated in other developing nations.